Lumbar Spine MRI                                                                     

MRI and MRA Protocols                                                                                                                                             

1- Sagittal T2 spin echo (SE)

Particularly useful for disc spaces ve vertebral body heights and overall size of the lumbar spinal canal. Disc bulge or herniation like abnormalities, as well as  he conus and filum terminale are also well visualized. 

2- Sagittal T1 spin echo (SE): 

Bone marrow and neural foramina are best assessed using this sequence

3- Sagittal STIR (SE) 

Particularly useful to determine if there is edema in the vertebral bodies and/or disc spaces. It is a great sequence to screen the spine for subtle abnormalities.    

4- Axial T2 spin echo (SE)

Useful to assess the disc and to determine if there is thecal sac or nerve root compression. The facets are also best assessed using this sequence. 

5- Axial T1 spin echo (SE) 

Useful to evaluate the bone marrow signal and neural foramina.